mars 17, 2009

Dagens inlägg på Nextopia

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Mitt gästspel på Nextopia fortsätter. Här är dagens inlägg:

Budget cuts is on many agendas these days. Working at a media agency, media budget cuts is always an interesting subject. Although most people know it is good business to maintain your budget, or even increase, when competitors cut back, very few do. I think one of the reasons behind this seemingly ineffective behavior is asymmetric expectations.

The greater the uncertainty, the greater the possibilities, as I discussed in yesterdays posting. In business, the result is derived from costs and income. The former controlled and planned, the latter appears as an answer to our prayers, or at least as the outcome of marketing. The cost budget will happen in the future, very little room for romantic expectations there. The negative side of the P&L is decided here and now, measured and entered in the books, the positive lies in Nextopia. Thus, the expectations on the future are asymmetric between cost and income.

Nextopia symptoms sometimes need to be modulated. Expectations on results can and should be effected by alterations in conditions (e.g. advertising budgets), in my opinion more than currently is the case. It may take some of the magic away from marketers and salespeople, but the trend towards more accountability in marketing and advertising we have seen over several years will continue, I believe.

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