mars 18, 2009

Nextopia – the promised land

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Här är mitt senaste inlägg på Nextopia:

”And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27

Religion is founded on absence of facts, just like Nextopia. Religion is the residual. What can’t be explained in our model of the world, we explain with religion. (We still only have a model; we for example don’t know how many dimensions our world has) Thor, with his thundering carriage and his sparkling hammer, was the explanation for thunder, Ra carried the sun across the sky everyday and God developed the species. Finding the facts undermine the base for authorities, based on controlling the unknown, like Galileo Galilei experienced.

The promises of the future has long been the USP for religion. Where do we go when we die, how will the crop turn out, will it rain – all challenges for which religion has provided the answer. What cruel deeds have not been created in the name of religion – all driven by depraved leaders offering The Right Way to Nextopia.

Maybe Man created God in his (idealized) image. Man’s image of himself, once he has overcome his human weaknesses – in Nextopia

PS. Don’t get me wrong. Religion can be a wonderful positive thing, but sometimes it is misused. In these sad exceptions, the connection to Nextopia is unpleasently clear.

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