mars 20, 2009

Dagens Nextopia: 5 second minisodes of 30 second ads

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Idag är min sista dag som gästbloggare på Här är mitt sista inlägg där:

In the word of any – watching any TV show any time is basic. With the rapid spreading of DVRs, more and more people fast forward through the ads at 6 x speed. In Sweden, MMS (the supplier of TV audience data) will start to measure time-shift viewing this year. Normal people, i.e. not advertising nerds like myself, see the advertising breaks as interruption from the TV show and hit fast forward to get passed the advertising as fast as possible.

The interesting thing is that people adjust to the faster pace, research show. When fast-forwarding, viewers are more focused since they are alert to see when the advertising break is over. Ads communicate, even at 6 x speed. For ads that we have seen before, the 5 second minisode of a 30 second commmercial gives a repetion of the original spot. However, the short time and the absence of sound limits the possibilities to communicate. It resembles low involvement processesing, when the brain is involved to a lesser extent and able to recognise the ad, but not necessarily recall it spontaneously.

This finish my guest appearance here on Nextopia. It’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to Micael’s return next week. I know for a fact he’s got some really sharp insights for us.

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